Friday, June 22, 2012

The Life Styled home tour {via the Glitter guide}

To finish the week off I had to share this visual feast of a home tour of Catherine Shepard of The Life Styled 
that was featured on The Glitter Guide this week - i love everything about it, all the images just make me smile! 
This girl has some serious style - id love to rock out in a fluro yellow t shirt & a blue tutu (without looking like an idiot!)
As for the pinboard over her desk? Perfection!

I especially loved her answer to the question at the end of the story;

How do you sparkle? 
I love to sparkle literally, whether it’s with my favorite gold glitter belt, rhinestone loafers, or 80′s vintage sequins. But the best way to sparkle is just to make the most out of each day – drinking champagne when it’s not a special occasion, writing a handwritten thank you note, maintaining a clean and clutter free space (trying to at least), or buying fresh flowers from time to time. It keeps the mundane away!

all images via The Glitter Guide 
photography by Sarah Yates


  1. Love this post - very inspirational to those who may have lost a bit of that 'sparkle' of late ;)


  2. Those shoes! I want them now.

  3. I really like the hits of gold throughout, must find me some gold dinosors!
    That bar cart and wall art looks incredible, love love love it :)



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