Thursday, June 21, 2012

4 weeks till paris!

I saw an add for the tour de france on sbs earlier & almost lost my mind with excitement!
I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this year we will be watching it on tv (as we do every July...all night...every night) but this year FLYING TO PARIS TO BE THERE FOR THE FINAL DAYS (and in france & italy for 5 weeks after)!!!!
Sorry for shouting, but i think my excitement warrants yelling! Woohooo!
And if you need a reminder about how fanatical my husband is about 'Le Tour' (or are new to my blog & didn't get to experience his post around this time last year) go back & refresh your memory of bens guest post here. Very funny. Im not sure if I've mentioned it before, but as part of our trip we are doing a 7 day cycling tour through the french a little very afraid! Ive also been out training (yes training for my honeymoon...who does that?!) a few times a week & trying to build up the kms & my ability to ride up hills (& down them at speed!). The tour features some of the most infamous climbs of the tour de afraid! But as Ben has pointed out, i did make him trek to Mt Everest base camp, so its now his turn to make me do something thats going to hurt!

and of course.....  :)

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  1. Sally, if he's that keen, check out this: it's a tipping comp started locally which has grown. provides a bit of fun and entertainment on top of the usual tour excitement. Looking forward to 3 weeks of sleepless nights and will look forward to your trip photos!



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