Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Kitchen Tea

We had a fantastic afternoon on sunday celebrating with all my favorite ladies, lots of yummy food & bubbles! Mum & I kicked off the weekend at 6am on saturday with a trip to the flower markets, then home to set it all up while my dad finished building this outdoor area! Yes thats right he built the deck & the screening in the few weeks before the party - talented man! Lots of people bought yummy food, i seem to have amazing bakers as friends & family! I took a few photos of the set up before everyone came so i could share it with you :)

Have to say i was quite happy with how this white arrangement worked out:)
We used Hyacinths, dahilas & roses in some of my grandmothers antique silver which looked amazing.

My bridesmaid Aylie made this beautiful cake for me!

and yes, there were people there too....
My bridesmaids, me & my mum.

More girls & their bubbles! Oh & my bloggy bestie Sonja joined us too!
(& made her famous rocky road & cupcakes - which i have to say were yuuuum!)

We also played a few games!  There was handbag weighing, a quizz, a guess the spice game for me (above) 
& the 'create the ideal wedding dress with loo paper' game which was hilarious.

Holly in the middle ended up with quite a Vera Wang esq look...until it fell apart!

Aylie & i with a slice of her pink layer cake!

I received some fantastic pressies too! Including this disney princess tupperware from my cousin
(who claims everyone needs a bit of disney in their home haha)


  1. Hello, what a beautiful kitchen tea, your new outdoor room is gorgeous.

  2. It all looks so pretty Sal! Love the new deck and the white flower arrangement especially xx

  3. Oh my stars this looks stunning!
    The outdoor area that your dad finished is perfect.
    Love the colours you chose and the flower arrangements.
    Can't wait for wedding photos!


  4. You kitchen tea looks so lovely Sal, you have a great group of friends and family. xx

  5. Oh there is that delicious looking cake again! Yumo! Looks like you had a great day. Goodluck with the wedding beautiful XX Samie

  6. Gorgeous post, love it!!! And it was even more beautiful in the flesh! Oh and thanks for the mention my dear, so pleased I could be a part of the celebration! xoxo P.S Our Vera Wang dress did not fall apart... it doubled as a mini for the reception hee hee :P

  7. Sal, it all looks so lovely. The deck area is great and so pretty with your tissue paper pom poms hanging above. I loved theway you styled the table itself and the buffet behind. And what a cake your bridesmaid made for you!! So glad you had an enjoyable time and am even more excited now to see photos from your big day!! x

  8. It all looks stunning! I love the black & white with the pink, also the antique silver. xx

  9. What an amazing day you shared with your family and besties! Gorgeous setting, thanks to your talented and loving dad. Wow a beautiful cake! Here's to you beautiful bride to be!

  10. It is incredible post. The white flower are so good. Your outdoor room is so nice. xo
    ~ Herman Swan



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