Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Console love

Ok, first new post on the 'new & improved' once daily chic (still tweaking - feel free to comment on anything that needs to be fixed up!) I have to apologize for just rabbeting on about wedding 'stuff' for ages....its kind of consumed my mind! With only 5 weeks (holy crap...) to go you dont have long to wait for me to shut up about my inspirations for this & that! To tie you over here are some of my fav console's of late - console tables are one of my other favourite things! These seem to have a theme - chic black & white with pops of colour! How amazing is the artwork in the first image! Anyone know what it is?! Ohhh how nice are the bigger images!


  1. I love the family pics behind the white console, my face is the black one

  2. Love that piece of art in the first shot. It reminds me a bit of a pop art scarf I own.

    I just never tire looking at console table vignettes!

  3. love the new blog layout, very cute xx

  4. You are looking great over here. The console tables are wonderful, but the last image is amazing!!



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