Friday, February 17, 2012

3 weeks!

This time in 3 weeks ill be sipping some bubbles & getting ready to walk down the aisle.....whoa! Came up really fast...very slow at times but now it seems like time has flown! I think we are pretty organized, im trying to contain any ideas i have to do any ore DIY before the big day (ben has banned me with coming up with anything new, or changing my mind on anything!). The only thing we really need to do is work out the seating & a few small details....i hope! Im feeling pretty relaxed but then am having those dreams where its the day & you've forgotten to do a million things...So forgive me if im a bit slack on the posts in the next few weeks! I thought id share a little peek at our invitations with you..


  1. I love your invites! Are you getting married at Terrara House? I did the flowers for a wedding there last year and it was so beautiful, great venue choice! X

  2. Wow what a cute invite, congrats!



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