Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Final Fitting

I had my final wedding dress fitting yesterday (no this is not my dress but this image almost made me want to change my choice of dress!) At my first fitting i had an attack of the 'unsure' - did i still like it? did it make me look fat? should i have gone with the style i thought i originally wanted??!! I think this is normal to be second guessing yourself at some point right? But yesterday i was really happy with it! Its now safely hanging up at my in laws place down the road (so i can get to it quickly should i want a peek!). My dress was designed by Karen Willis Holmes & i had the pleasure of meeting her at both my fittings to help me make some design decisions as we actually combined two different dresses into one - hey, i liked bits of both of them so why not! And now im the only person who'll have this dress! You must watch This gorgeous video on Karen Willis Holmes & their dress design process - its divine!

Now i just need to decide on wearing my hair up or down on my hair trial on friday & make it through my hens alive!


  1. Heh Sal.
    Bestest b/day wishes. Sorry I didn't read your blog last week to do it before your big weekend.
    Loving your necklace btw (that big red one). D.vine!!!
    If you dress looks anything like the dress you have posted here, I think I may just have to get married and copy it. Bet yours is better.
    have a great time at your hen's night .. get home before sun up OK (-:

  2. Ohhhh What Karen Willis Holmes dress is it.. I went wedding dress shopping on the weekend and im totally torn! I loved 3 from Karen Willis Holmes and they were within my price range but I did the mistake of going to a boutique Australian designer and fell in love with one of their dresses and I dont know what to do.. The dress is Double the price of the Karen Willis Homes ones but there was just something about it…

  3. I always think hair up on the wedding day is classic and glam. My daughter had a style she wore long for the ceremony and then clipped it up to play it up at the rception! Good luck, have a brill hens night.

  4. Oh how exciting for you. Enjoy every moment for they will be lifetime memories. Cheers SpecialK XoXo



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