Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Kitchen Tea!

I have to say i am quite excited about my kitchen tea! Could there be anything more fun than an afternoon with all your favourite family & friends drinking tea & champagne & eating yummy morsels while chit chatting about weddings, life & all the things to look forward to? Im sure a lot of people would beg to differ, but personally i cant wait! Im especially looking forward to going to the flower markets & borrowing some divine crockery from Bens cousin who works for Royal Doulton (how lucky am i!). Mum & i did the invites on the weekend, they are Christina Re & as soon as i saw them i grabbed them .....even though i know im not supposed to be doing this stuff for myself i couldnt help myself (yes control freak here!) Mum will probably kill me for putting a photo of her on here (sorry mum!)

Mum & the gorgeous invites!

And heres some more from the 'inspiration files'!
How cool are the chevron napkins against the pink!
And the gold cutlery! omg!
(100 layer cake)

Divine crockery!

How beautiful if you were having a sit down occasion

I am obsessed with this cake!

I think this image appeals to my ocd side!

Maybe we will make punch & have flowers in the ice?

hmmm, wonder if i can convince mum she needs a new fridge for the occasion!


  1. Oh I Love the invites Sal, The Idea of flowers in Ice/ Punch sounds great would they stay the same colour?

    Hope you have a fab day! Not long now XX Samie

  2. The invites are gorgeous! So many pretty ideas, I wish I could do my wedding all over again, same husband of course ;) xx

  3. Your mum will be so shuffed you put her on your post, lovely and a personal touch. I love your inspiration, invites, very pretty. What a very exciting time. Have a beautiful day.

  4. HI
    Kitchen Tea!
    I'm quite pleased with the ifonrmation in this post.nice and useful!
    thank you!

  5. The invitations are beautiful and the flowers in the ice coordinate perfectly!! Love all of these ideas...gorgeous!!



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