Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Find Your Seat

Im trying to work out a cool way to show people to their seats at our wedding - i THINK ive decided (much to bens amusment - he thinks im a bit nuts) but here are some of the things that have been in my 'ideas' folder. Argh weddings, i think its taken over my brain - im actually feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all - i seem to do a lot of thinking about things & have so many freaking ideas but havent managed to control them all into a cohesive plan...and the wedding is less than 2 months away now. OMG.

This is cool but im not sure how our parents would think about drinking wine out of jars all night haha

Have always liked this idea too - must be the architectural elements!
This ribbony idea is fun?!

ohhh this is pretty!

Love this look - suits our colours too!
would take forver to nail all those hooks into a board!

This looks beautiful, but then, practically what do you do with the keys once you get to your table?

This looks great & is made with paint chips!
Thats quite fun! And would suit my profession! :)


  1. We had jars that people wrote their names on with a sharpie at our engagement party. I had striped paper straws (orange/grey/pink ones) and it all went down really well.

    We only served cocktails and beer though. So the beer was already in bottles. Our cocktails we made in big 2lt glass flagons and they sat in massive silver ice tubs around our marquee. People poured their own cocktails into their jars.

    I'd recommend the jars if you did something like that but if you have wine.... it does make the logistics a little bit different.

    I like the paint chips idea, then it's all uniform in colour shades. We haven't even begun to think about how our seating is going to be charted!

    Good luck!!


  2. These are all wonderful ideas - very creative and unique. Just be sure to avoid anything that will create a bottleneck at the entrance to the reception (beware thirsty guests waiting for their first drink of the day!).

  3. Oh My Goodness! Is that chocolate mousse? What a fab idea. The one in the front actually does have my name on it!



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