Thursday, January 19, 2012

Honeymoon Freakout. Help!

Ummmmm, so how did it get to mid January & we havent booked or planned anything for our honeymoon?! I guess planning a wedding, quitting your job, starting your own business, health scares & random trips to America will do that to you!

The rough plan is France, Italy & maybe Spain. About 4 weeks (or whatever the budget, which is not a lot, permits!). I know i want to spend at least 5 days in Paris & we have locked in a cycling tour in the French Alps for 8 days. Apart from that.... no plans! Italy -  Tuscany, Amalfi, Cinque Terre? Spain - Barcelona?

Help!!!!!! Places to go, places to stay & eat! Hit me with your suggestions! I dont mind the big cities but its the smaller places id love to hear about too, great little towns with amazing cheap local restaurants & markets, all that kind of thing!


  1. I did the same thing for my honeymoon!

    We had 7 nights in Paris then 4 in Nice (had the best pizza of my life here), trained to florence for 3 nights, Rome for 4 then Positano for 4 nights (stayed at Buca de Baco), then flew to Athens for a few nights and Santorini for a few nights before heading back to Paris then home.

    Highly recommend Fat Tyre Bike Tours in Paris - especially the Versaille day trip, also a day trip to Champagne ( - by far the best day of the whole 4 weeks for me. There is a great little gelato place near Notradame and awesome hot chocolate at Laudree. Loved the relaxed pace of Positano and Capri, plus the Museums in Florence were great. Rodan Museum in Paris was fantastic too - just so many great things over in Europe!!!

  2. How exciting!

    We've just got back from a trip to Europe. We stayed in a lovely apartment in Paris (through Cobblestone Apartments). Highly recommend Beaune in France...lovely wine region and you can cycle between the little villages to try out wine etc. We visited Seville in Spain which was almost my favourite city...oranges everywhere and beautiful streets.

    Enjoy xo

  3. That sounds like a fantastic honeymoon! I bet you can't wait!
    I was in Europe last September and went to most of the destinations you mentioned. My fav place was by far the Amalfi Coast in Italy. We had a day-tour with a driver in a group of 6 take us from Rome to the amazing coastline, along the winding, narrow roads - we stopped at all the small towns - Positano, Sorrento, Amalfi, and even went to Pompeii (the ruins, not the current city) on the way back. AMAZING.
    I suppose it will still technically be their winter or early Spring by the time you're there - I remember our guide telling us that these towns practically shut-down throughout the cooler months, so just check you're able to still able to make the most of these amazing places.
    Hope that helps!

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