Monday, January 16, 2012

Dear Sydney - Where the &#*% is the sun?!?!?!

Dear Mother nature - excuse my not so lady like language but seriously...WTF?!?!?! Part of the fun of living in Australia is a hot sunny Christmas - so what the hell are you playing at lady? Plus i had planned to lie by the in laws pool over january to get nice & 'glowy' before the big day. Sort it out!

Vintage Luxe

Anantara Maldives

Soho House Miami


  1. Isn't that the worst when you are some place that is supposed to be gorgeous weather and it's cool...hoping it warms up for you!!

  2. I'm afraid the sun appears to be stuck over us here in South Australia. Please feel free to take it back - my garden is wilting and we're all tired of being red-faced and sweaty.

  3. Love, love, love, Soho House Miami. I am just about over getting upset about this hideous weather. Almost two years of sad Sydney summers!



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