Friday, December 9, 2011

Summer Loving

Another week gone & another week of totally #%*& weather in Sydney! No joke im wearing clothes i was wearing in chilly Seattle 4 weeks ago! December in sydney usually means sleepless boiling hot nights, swims in the pool after work & trips to the beach on the weekends.....NOT wearing trackies & putting the heater on & not being able to do anything outsider because it wont stop raining! SERIOUSLY WHERE IS SUMMER!!!! So i am posting this random assortment of images to remind us sydney siders what summer is like! :) Lets all do a friday sun dance! Come on mother nature get yourself together woman!

Ada & Darcy

79 Ideas

1 comment:

  1. Adelaide must have missed the "It's December" memo too. Granted, we did have a few nice days, but back to cold and rainy today. It's just not fair. I will do the Friday sunshine dance with you :)



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