Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Brunch Table Inspiration

I am really quite excited as we are hosting our first xmas day event this year! I have to say im quite looking forward to when we have kids & can have the whole family over to our house (when we have a house!). Our place is tiny so its not the whole family, but we are having both our parents & my nanna for xmas day brunch - It'll be on the balcony so im praying (but not that optimistic) the weather will improve. I am loving these images from Instyle for my inspiration - how simple is the idea of the branch with some crystals or decorations hanging off it! Im also totally into pretty much everything Fleur Wood had on her 'get the look' page - confetti system garlands, pink champagne, and beautiful crockery..could it get any better?! By the way if your stuck for a xmas pressie for someone who likes fashion & entertaining the Fleur Wood 'Food, Fashion, Friends' book is fab!


  1. Have a wonderful Christmas brunch! Love the entertaining inspiration, great ideas!

  2. How exciting...I'm sure it will be fabulous and fingers crossed for perfect weather!!



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