Thursday, December 29, 2011

Come to me miu miu * UPDATE

Your thoughts? 
They have a 13cm heel & a 1cm i going to be able to walk?? The highest pair of heels i currently own is 12cm with a 2cm platform....


  1. My thought...
    Every girl needs a little sparkle, so go for it!
    My thought...
    Amazing, but how do you walk in that?
    My thought...
    Where do I sign up for a pair of these???


  2. Absolutely perfect! Love, love, love....

    XX Kathryn

  3. Very cute but ouch!
    I wore sparkly flats at my wedding in October. So glad I did! I was able to walk around all day and dance the night away. However, my KWH dress had an a-line skirt so they were a bit hidden.

  4. Gorgeous! Maybe start out in these and swap to something flatter through out the night? Imagine the pics! xx

  5. love! although 13cm with only a 1cm platform is really really high. and you know that if i'm saying they're high, then they're high...

    but chances are you'll be so fizzed on bubbles on your big day that you won't really notice!

    get them. get them now.

  6. OH yes, gorgeous....Stunning in fact. Given my calculations though, they're 2 cm taller than you're used to. Eeek! However I'm old and can only wear wedges now without looking like a spinal recovery patient / total alcoholic walking in mummy's shoes. Go for it while you can...!
    x KL



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