Saturday, December 24, 2011

One Sleep!

Happy Christmas Eve!
I love this image so have been saving it for today! 
What are you all up to tonight? This year we are having dinner with my parents & my step brothers & sisters as my parents decided they'd taken themselves off to Bali for a holiday on xmas day! Good on them! We will see them for breakfast before they head off! Its the first year in 6 years that ben has has xmas eve & xmas day off work so i am really looking forward to being able to spend the day with him! Im just about to start working out my table setting & then go & get the groceries for our breakfast feast! Oh & i might also be listening to the new mariah carey xmas album lol


  1. Merry Christmas Sal! Enjoy your day and how lucky are your parents! xx

  2. have yourself a merry little Christmas...(imagine this song by Diana Krall)
    kisses from Barcelona!



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