Saturday, November 5, 2011

Surprise! We're in Seattle!

Aaaaahhhh I've been so excited about this but haven't been able to say anything! We flew into Seattle this afternoon to surprise bens brother for his 30th! it's been so hard to keep to myself! We are here for 11 days & then heading to LA for 3 days on the way home AND super excited as I booked us into the uber cool Viceroy at Santa Monica (well as far as I can see design wise!). We have been he once before so kinda know our way around but if anyone has any tips, great shops (I'm on the hunt for wedding shoe & accessories etc) etc please let me know!! Whoop, even though we are a tad jet lagged we are off to see my soon to be brother & sister in laws band (they have an acdc cover band her in Seattle called American thighs if your a local Seattle.ite!) can't work out how to get photos to load from my I pad so I'll have to figure that out while I'm here or my posts will be a bit boring!


  1. How exciting Sal! I think this bloggy thing is amazing. You can take to anywhere! Even across the world! Enjoy your trip! Hope you fing those special shoes!
    x KL

  2. That sounds like an amazing trip. Have a great time. x



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