Thursday, November 3, 2011

s#*t house day!

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I have had a day thats way up there with one of the most stressful i think ive ever had.....still feeling so tense i might implode. Working for yourself & being responsible for building an entire house & coordinating everyone & everything has been very challenging this week. My (now ex) boss told me this avo (i still work in the office with him - we keep each other company!) that the only way to learn & be really good at your job is to absorb as much as you can (which ive done from him over the last 6 years) & then get chucked in at the deep end. I said "i guess im learning the hard way", and he said "no your learning the real way".....true words.  My one goal is that my clients love their houses & things run smoothly for them - which is sure a challenge sometimes! But i guess you dont get anything without a lot of hard work right? Hopefully tomorrow is a better day!

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  1. Tomorrow (today) WILL be a better day Sal. Plus, it's Friday .. a win/win day. It can be horrible and stressful - but - it ends, and then its the weekend. Hang in there Sal. I've learnt regardless of how much stress there is and how many seemingly impossible deadlines there are - it ALWAYS gets done!!



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