Thursday, November 17, 2011


Sorry I haven't posted for a while! Seems my I pad won't let me load images ( anyone know how to do this???) I am currently in LA in the last days of our trip & staying at the uber cool Viceroy Hotel. I am sooooo smitten with this place, I think poor Ben is a little amused at my obsession with it & need to photograph every nook & cranny! Our trip has definitely been eventful that's for sure- in the last 10 days we have surprised bens brother by flying across the world & appearing on his doorstep, eaten ourselves silly, met up with Pam of Red Ticking at her amazing seattle shop, shopped like crazy, partied at one of the coolest bars I've ever been to........and unfortunately I also sampled the American health system after ending up In intensive care for 3 days with serious diabetic complications... No joke. But they were amazing & I'm back on my feet now. I'll fill you all in on all of the above in a series of posts once we get home! Right now I need to go & fall into a food coma. Duck pizza, squid, pork belly & margaritas fo dinner - yummo! Bridal diet? What bridal diet?


  1. Sounds amazing Sal, (except for the hospital visit!), can't wait to hear and see all the details xx



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