Thursday, November 3, 2011

Book Love

I recently read a great book (easy reading!) called 'An Italian Wedding' which i managed to knock off in one day while down the south coast (& then had insane cravings for piles of italian food!) Apart from that,  I havent really read a good book for ages - any suggestions?

Heart Beat Oz

Love me a colourcoded bookshelf!

actually ill just take this whole room thanks!

This is one rocking space!
The Glow via Table Tonic


  1. You know me, sucker for bookshelves! Haven’t “read” a book in a while but would still recommend 2 I recently perused: The Selby in your Space, and Design Sponge at Home. Plus, just came out, The Perfectly Imperfect Home!

  2. Who wrote "an italian wedding", need some travel porn....

  3. Thanks Gab, two books ive been meaning to check out actually! Anin - the author was Nicky Pellegrino - its mostly set in London but about an italian family - i enjoyed it - light reading but kept me wanting to finish it! The Bronze horseman is another of my fav books!

  4. "The School of Essential Ingredients" by Erica Baurmeister is romantic and full of delicious meals. Perfect for travel ! In LA you will love the shoes departments at Saks, Neimans and Barneys, all in a row on Wilshire in Beverly Hills. Also, check out the new gourmet marketplace in the new Santa Monica Place.



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