Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Wedding Stalker- Hillary Duff & that hockey guy she married ;)

In the spirit of planning a wedding ive deciced to scrap wednesday wisdoms for a while & make wednesdays segment about stalking fab weddings :) Im sure there are no complaints!
Lets have a stalk of Hilary Duff's wedding to someone who plays ice hockey....Her dress is by Vera Wang (of course!) Im quite liking her huge bun hairstyle too! Might be a good way to add some height!

LOVE all the flowers! Looks like a simple cake, just surrounded by beautiful flowers!

This cracks me up....proof read people, proof read!
can you spot what im talking about?


nice work Hillary...
i mean Hillarys wedding planner!


  1. Complients... hehehehehe!
    I LOVE those glass lanterns hanging with all that white drapery *swoon*.

  2. The hair style is great- looks a little silly with her ombre hair though. Glass lighting is amazing! XX Samie

  3. Love the tables and draped ceiling and lighting - its all gorgeous - wouldnt be happy with the complients thing though! (Love wedding stalking)
    Rebecca x

  4. No complaints at all! Her wedding is so gorgeous, loving that bun too! Miss Walker xoxo

  5. Everything was so gorgeous (^_^)



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