Friday, April 29, 2011

Engagement Party Bar!

I saw this little bar set up on Style me Pretty (its actually at the engagement party of calligrapher Laura Hooper) & thought it was such a cute way to set up a self serve bar. Im going to try to do something similar for our engagement party in a few weeks time! This could be a fun idea if your having a *ahem* royal wedding party* tonight or for any other party come to think of it!

Set up glasses, chilled champagne, liqueurs & mixers for guests to mix their own champagne cocktails!

You can even make the beer look inviting for the boys (although im sure the beer itself is usually inviting enough for the guys!)

Include recipes & instructions!
Im thinking ill do a peach bellini, a lychee & a great raspberry (chambord) and passionfruit i had a few weeks ago! Yummo

love this cute little outdoor set up on eat drink pretty

cute labels to jazz up the mixers

or you could pre-fill the glasses with mixers & label them

style me pretty

oooh im excited to do this!  and excited for our party too! oh ok, and super excited for a champers while watching the royal wedding tonight!! Do you have plans to watch it?? what are you doing? I have a freind coming round to eat some fancy goodies were going to whip up & drink champagne! Cant wait! today is going to be a slow day at the office!

Image: Made By Girl

oh & loving this tea towel - so kitch!
But fun too if you want to indulge in a royal wedding souvenir!
Mind you i have no idea where its from - i saw it on the 'White Magazine' facebook page!
woohoo for the royal wedding!!


  1. great setup...loving the straws!!

  2. The decoration of this bar is looking like as its best roof top bar nyc that I had booked for my engagement party. I was very excited on that day and enjoyed it lot!! We had enjoyed snacks and drinks there.



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