Friday, April 8, 2011

awesomness underneath (the wedding dress)

Happy Friday! So im thinking id like to have a pair of seriously awesome shoes on under my wedding dress! The US dollar is awesome....The hunt is on!  These are cheapies...stand by for all the 'not so cheapies' i have also laid my eyes (but not wallet) on!


  1. Very cute shoes! A very important part of a Bride's attire. Sal, I left a comment back in the middle of March about your friend's apartment (I saw one photo on made by girl). Just wondering if you saw my previous comment and if you would mind sharing some more pictures of her home as it seems stylish yet a little more masculine (or at least not super female, my husband hates that style).

    Thanks, Sandra Hansmon.

  2. Hi Sandra, Yep - got your message - just getting emma to take some photos for me!
    Should get it up this week!
    sal x



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