Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Citrus in Pots

Sorry for not showing you my Beni Ourain rugs as promised last week
Would you believe after i posted that i was contacted by a few people who were interested & have sold them already!
If i get any more in (or decide i don't actually need two for myself) ill be sure to let you know.

Maybe its the recent European trip thats done it to me, but I'm suddenly inspired to grow a bit of a Mediterranean garden on our balcony.
I'm thinking big pots of rosemary & dwarf citrus trees!
I grew up with an amazing lemon tree in our backyard, but have never grown citrus in pots - have any of you tried it? Any tips?


  1. Have grown a lemon and a cumquat tree in pots successfully for some years. I use citrus food on mine every three months. Water the fertilizer in well. Good crops of fruit on both trees.

  2. I've successfully kept a lemon tree alive for a few years now in a pot, it's sister, a lime tree wasn't so lucky and turned up its toes pretty quickly. My dad's tip is to pull off the excess flowers so you have less fruit as the pot-bound citrus can't cope,with too much straight away. Hope that makes sense.



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