Monday, March 3, 2014

The Block - Best block bathroom ever?

I tend to watch the block just for the room reveal nights these days.
Boy was i impressed with the bathrooms last night. ESPECIALLY this one!
Kyal & kara really nailed it on this. I was with Neale who said 'there was nothing he could fault'.
The tiles, the tapware, the bath, the lighting....AMAZING!
My only 'thing' would be that i probably would have made the mirror over the vanity a cabinet for extra storage...other than that, love it!


  1. How amazing is their shower head?!!

  2. I love it all - I think they deserved the perfect score. It's perfection.

  3. Wow. Very impressive! This deserves more than a perfect score. I couldn’t find anything I could fault, so this adds up to my inspirations list. Congrats to Kyal and Kara for totally nailing this one! Lynne, Suburban Glass



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