Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hand Cream...

I was cleaning out my bathroom & beauty products on the weekend 
{and have to say i found it quite satisfying - i'm not the only one who enjoys cleaning right?}
I discovered i own about 6 tubes of barely used handcream. 
I have decided i buy them for the beautiful packaging & once i have them home i rarely use them! 
Do you use hand cream? Have any favourites?

Here is what i had in my drawer - see what i mean by the packaging...hmmmm
Ive been thinking i might put them all in a jar next to my bed to remind me to use them each night!


  1. Snap! I did the same thing on the weekend and found the same thing!! Lots of unused hand cream! Pop one in the centre console of your car and rub in at the lights.

  2. I have L'Occitane Date Bouquet as well! It's one of my favorites.



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