Monday, March 24, 2014

Bedside Lamps...

Yet another decision to make for our new home.....bedside lamps!
Its an important one for me - im a bit of a lamp lover!
You might remember this is our old bedroom {from the adore shoot}. 
We had a pair of big white lamps with gold lined shades either side of the bed.  
I love using larger scale lamps next to a bed as i feel small lamps just look...piddly! 
Unfortunately one of these lamps got broken when we were moving, so we need a new 'pair'...

My decision is, do i use a similar kind of thing - large with nice fabric shades....
Or to change it up with something more minimal & industrial like these......

Your thoughts?


  1. I like a big lamp bedside, but I read in bed [much to my husband's chagrin] so have a smallish reading lamp, too, like the ones in pics above - but I agree with you that they alone look dinky. Aren't we the linguists, using big words like dinky and piddly?!!
    But my bedside table is an old pine gate leg table, so there is room for both. But I say go big, if it's a choice!

    LOVE your blog!

    all best, from Judy in Fort Worth

  2. The modern and minimalistic version of the bedside lamp would make a dramatic change. I can’t tell how exactly it would differ aesthetically, since you didn’t provide a photo of your room. Though I could imagine it would function as more like a reading light, rather than providing a mild illumination to the room.

    Gwendolyn Haynes @ Table and Bedside Lamps



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