Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Breakast

Im really embracing this whole clean eating thing at the moment.
After around 8 weeks of eating (mostly) clean i can see the difference in my skin, eyes & energy levels.
The other night i had a diet soft drink with artificial sweeteners in it (after not having any for 2 months) & i broke out in a rash on my legs! 
I guess my body is getting used to all the 'good stuff' too! Interesting! Don't get me wrong, i still have a glass of wine here & there & today i think we are off to yum cha for lunch, but when I'm at home & as much as i can I'm trying to eat clean.

Thought id share one of my fav breakfasts at the moment (& what I'm eating right now!)
100g blueberries
25g rolled oats or natural (un toasted muesli)
Teaspoon of shredded or desiccated coconut
a couple of pecans or walnuts crushed up
100g of greek yoghurt (Evia from Harris Farm is my choice!)
Almond milk 

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