Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Fitness, clean eating & Michelle Bridges

Im not sure if i told you this, but 6 weeks ago i started doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week body transformation. Generally I eat very healthy food & am active; in saying that i need to eat smaller portions, pick less & have less treats (& less wine!) and also be MORE active. I'm one of those types that loves exercise when I'm out doing it, but has a mountain of excuses, or has a million things to do before i prioritise exercise. I am also a type 1 diabetic who puts on weight easily, & like most of us, find its hard to get off! I am also terrible at sticking to things - i start with the best intentions but tend to fall off the wagon easily or loose focus! So....thought i'd give this Michelle Bridges thing a go!

Each week you get a food plan with all the recipes and there are also 6 days a week of workouts to do.

So how am i going? 
Well first things first, i have lost 3kgs in 6 weeks - not a lot, but i figure slow & steady is the best way to loose weight.
And christmas makes it hard to totally stick to it to be honest! 

I have found the food side of it great - its all very balanced, clean & it does make you realise how large your usual portions are! I haven't craved anything, but have been on occasion a bit hungry after dinner. 

The thing I'm enjoying the most though is the exercise. 
Here i come to the main point of this whole post; my brain seems to have shifted in the last month, my daily workout is now my priority - i enjoy it, it makes me feel good & i haven't been making excuses not to do it. Instead I've been finding ways TO do it! If it was hot, i used to say 'its too hot today, its not good for me', now i go to the air-conditioned gym. On boxing day i wasn't feeling well (might have something to do with all the wine & pudding the day before - hey it was xmas!), but i still went for at least a walk with the dog & got out in the fresh air. 

The clean eating & the exercise has also meant i have heaps more energy, my mind is clearer & my skin  is totally clear & glowing, I've also noticed how white my eyes are! So apart from the weightless, there are other great things about being just that bit more healthy. This isn't really a new years resolution post, but in 2013 i will definitely be doing more of what makes me happy (& healthy) & continuing on this cleaner lifestyle. And heres some fit-spiration for you if you need a boost! 


  1. Good work on losing 3kgs Sal!! You should be proud of yourself, esp at this time of year. Pretty sure I've put on 3kgs in the last week haha! I was thinking of doing the 12WBT but im worried about the exercise part..I have a 2yr old & 3month old & dont have a gym membership so can some of the exercises be done at home? Im always making excuses that I dont have time to exercise but really need to prioritise it, just hard to get out & have an hr to myself atm xx

  2. Hey Kate! You should totally do it - I've tried out a lot of different things & i think this is by far the best & something that will actually set you up to succeed! With the exersise you get options for each day for the gym, outdoors, or at home, depending on what you want to do! i have a gym membership but have been doing all of mine outdoors - i.e. running around the streets or at the local oval! i had the same problem with the exercise - no longer! give it a go - you won't regret it! x

  3. Thanks Sal, you've inspired me! I will sign up to the next challenge x

  4. Awesome! Feel free to email me if you have any other questions or want to keep each other motivated x

  5. I know this post was a while back but I'd be interested Sally on your thoughts on the program now? I really need to do something to shift my mindset - particularly around food - and have heard almost nothing but good things about 12wbt! I'm worried though that if my partner doesn't want to eat the food with me (or let me throw out all the junk food) I'll probably fall over at the first hurdle!

    1. Hi Pollyemj, Ive found that you can just eat the breakfasts & lunch yourself without worrying about the other half, then at dinner ive been adding extra for him (bigger portions or more pasta or adding rice/cous cous etc for more bulk & carbs for him!) I actually wasn't able to throw out all the junk food etc as we have been renting our apartment out for the past 3 months & living with my inlaws, couldn't exactly thow their food out! You will be surprised at how good your self control becomes, mine used to be shocking, not i can resist almost anything (I'm shocked at myself to be honest!). feel free to email me on if you want to discuss more!
      sal x



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