Tuesday, January 8, 2013


My bedside table at the moment. Looking at it, I realised how sentimental most of it was!

Vintage globe; given to me by my late grandfather who gave me the travel bug!
Silver tray: A gift from my Nanna who used to serve scones on it!

Voyager Augusto candle; reminds me of the hot summers day we spent in Capri on our honeymoon!
Ellie Saab perfume; Ben bought it for me after i watched a documentary about how it & the bottle were made on the flight home from Paris.

Tiffany Necklace; a 5 year anniversary gift from Ben. We bought it in the New York store on our first trip there together!

And the Michael Kors watch i was going to buy myself on the way home from our honeymoon on our stopover in Seoul. 
However, a typhoon in Korea meant our flights were cancelled & we got onto last minute flights with other airlines with only had a 5 min stop over (in singapore), so i had to buy it online when we got home :)

The gold & blue necklace is from Oxford;
I bought it while Ben was in there getting the gromsmens suits for our wedding (lost focus obviously!)



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