Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out of Storage???

Well this is a boring post with no photos isn't it! Blogger is telling me I'm out of storage? What the?
Does anyone know anything about this?
It prompts me to go & pay for more storage but I'm a bit hesitant!
Has this happened to any other bloggers out there?


  1. Oh no!! But I love looking at your posts Sally. I don't know how to fix it but hopefully you work it out soon :-)

  2. Mine has just started doing the same.. I read on online that this is something that happens once you reach a certain amount and you have to pay for extra if you want more storage...

    However I'm just starting to link pics through ImageShack.. It's not as simple as just uploading pics to Blogger but it's free...

    Hope this helps..

  3. Actually.... Sorry to post twice..
    Just as I went back to my blogger feed I noticed someone else has posted the same thing about reaching their quota...

    Maybe it's something up with blogger at the moment after all if so far 3 blogs all at once have just mentioned it (I noticed mine saying it Monday)

  4. I think you have to delete some pics from Picasa or wherever Blogger stores your pics. I hope this helped.

  5. This sucks balls. It happened to us at RFK too. I've resorted to paying ~AUD2.50 a month to up my storage. Another alternative which I discovered only after I started paying for more storage is to link your photos through another platform say a Tumblr account. It's tedious but saves you lots of space.

    K xx

  6. That happened to me too. I use Flickr now, and if that ever runs out of space I'll just move on to something else.

  7. I upload to Flickr using a pro account. It's 24.95 a year for unlimited storage. Plus picture quality is a lot better than blogger i found. Upload to flickr then use the image url to insert your pictures that way. It's also a good way to keep all your pictures remotely in one place rather than on your computer, incase anything every happened with your computer. Your pictures are still stored somewhere else...

  8. Thanks for posting this...I got the same message last week on my blog. I was tempted to move onto Wordpress...but I didn't want to lose the people who are following me or have to learn a new format. I'm going to try a new platform and see what happens.



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