Saturday, September 29, 2012

The new me - minus my appendix!

Happy Long weekend (aussies!) apologies for my absence this week, its going to be a quiet weekend for me! On monday night i had to have my appendix taken out - That was a bit of a surprise to say the least! I had bad stomach pains all day on sunday (thought id just eaten too much bacon for breakky!) & when they were still lurking around on monday Ben made me go see our gp - an hour later i was in emergency hooked up to a drip, off for ultrasounds and blood tests, and by 9pm i was in theatre having my appendix removed! Ive never had an operation, even though it is a fairly simple procedure i was a bit scared. Spent the last 4 nights in hospital (as you may know if you follow me on instagram - salrj is my user name if you'd like to join me) and came home yesterday. 

Its definitely a bit more painful & challenging than i thought it would be. Who knew you needed your stomach muscles for so much! So I'm house bound & taking it easy for the weekend & not allowed to even go for a walk till i see the surgeon in 3 weeks for a check up (there goes all my exercising plans!). Have any of you had your appendix out? How long did it take you to recover?

seeing as ive been in bed most of the week heres a nice one to look at!


  1. Sorry to hear about your operation Sal, you poor thing! Hope you feel better soon xxx

  2. P.S While your stuck in bed, have a look at ShopBop on the internet for Michael Kors watches..they have free express international shipping. My friend bought a rose watch last week & arrived after 3 days :)

  3. haha kate you read my mind - i may have been browsing from the hospital bed too! No purchases made yet though....i feel some naughty net shopping coming on (although i just got the bill from my anaesthetist which may limit the shopping somewhat!)

  4. Oh poor thing, wishing you a speedy recovery xx

  5. you poor thing! i had mine out in year 10 so i can't remember how long it took but 17 years later my scar still itches occasionally! take it easy x



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