Friday, September 7, 2012

Lovely Wedding Magazine

Im Back!!!!
Well, to be honest, I've been back for a week but the jet lag is still killing me! Ive been in bed every night by 8:30pm! 
Getting back into work this week has been a bit of a shock after 7 weeks off, although i have to admit my brain was looking forward to getting back into it - do you find that after a holiday? We also went back to our hot yoga classes this week after almost a year off - boy was that a challenge! I have so much to fill you in on & can't wait to share some of my honeymoon snaps!
(um, france is amazing...i want to move there immediately!)

First up though, the all conquering Loni Parker of Adore Magazine has just launched her new project Lovely Wedding Magazine
You guessed it, an online wedding mag! Genius! It's packed full of to die for style & some totally swoon worthy real weddings! 
And the back page is a bit special don't you think :)

and the 'little bit special' back page.... :)


  1. You're back! Welcome blogging home :) looking forward to seeing your honeymoon posts xx

    ps, can't believe you went to yoga without me ;)

  2. Welcome Back! I have missed reading your blog :-)



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