Tuesday, September 11, 2012

MK Rose Gold Love

Loving layered wrists! Especially with a Michael Kors Rose Gold watch involved!
This was going to be my honeymoon purchase as i haven't worn or owned a watch for about 10 years! We flew through Seoul on the way to France & the airport shopping was amazing, so I decided to purchase on the way home. Alas there was a typhoon in Korea & we got onto a last minute flight from Paris to Singapore; Great! Will do some shopping in singas!.....errrr no, our flight from Singapore to Sydney was also cancelled, but they got us on another one leaving 10mins after we landed! We had to RUN to the gate!
No watch for me! Im now trawling online looking for one but hard to judge the sizes of the different styles online - I don't want a huge one as i have small wrists - does anyone have one & can lead me in the right direction??


  1. I don't have one so I can't help but its a great image and I just wanted to say welcome back.

  2. I have a Michael Kors watch, it's stainless steel with a white face and I absolutely love it. Have been wearing it for two years and am still in love with it. I am the same, I have skinny wrists and it is not too big at all, it's just perfect! I have seen a few other people wearing them too and they look great. I recommend highly!

  3. They have them on sale in the Sydney City Myer at the moment. You can go and try them on there for size and purchase elsewhere :)

  4. I have this watch...bought it online from the US.(Saved lots of $) It's huge, which I love but VERY heavy. Not so good. Definitely try before you buy. x KL



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