Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiring me - The Everygirl

Now that 'the wedding' is over its time for me to focus on my business (& put a bit more time into the blog too i think!) In the last week ive come across a few things that ive found super inspiring. One of which is The Everygirl. Its kind of like all the best bits from your fav blogs & womens magazines rolled into a regularly updated website!

The creation of Alaina from Live Creating Yourself 

& Danielle from Breakfast at Toast

There are sections on Finance, Health, Career, Living & Travel with great little articles & gorgeous images in each!
In the career section I enjoyed this little column on networking for new small business owners

The health section had this article with 10 Tips for a healthy life  
(see what i mean by the great images?)

I enjoyed this interview with Ashlina Kaposta from The Decorista 
(great blog & she recently packed her bags & moved to NYC - inspiring much?!)

In the finance section there was this informative read on budgets (a must read girls!)

(Not sure where to start when setting up your kitchen? Check it out!)

And, one thing we should all check out, as im sure we have all attempted this (or wanted to)!

 Feeling inspired yet?! Ill let you go explore the rest yourself!


  1. What a great, comprehensive review of our site. Thank you so much! So thrilled you like it. : )


  2. thanks for sharing Sal, off to check it out! xx



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