Monday, April 2, 2012


In my search for wedding jewels i recently came across a really great concept - online jeweler Anjolee.
The cool thing about Anjolee is that everything is customizable to your own style & budget. You start with the base design, then choose your metal (say white gold, yellow gold or platinum), then the stone you'd like & the size (when it comes to diamonds you can choose the carat, colour & clarity) then your size or length. They also offer free shipping within America (or $150 to Australia) & a 30 day return policy (always good to know!) When i was trying to decide on my wedding jewelry it was hard to choose earrings vs statement necklace ( i went with earrings!), but you can always wear something on your wrist! I ended up wearing my nannas diamond bracelet, but imagine how special it'd be to create something just for your wedding day. Add a small splash of colour with one of Anjolee's Gemstone Bracelets. Perhaps a sapphire number as your something blue?! This design is one of my fav's  - Diamonds & Citrine = yes please!!...A girl can dream right?

The Birthstone Bracelets are a nice idea for a special birthday (dont know what to get your best friend/mum/nanna for her 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th?!) Love this one & it could be worn casually or saved for special occasions. My birthstone in Amethyst (born in February) but have always secretly wished i was born in March so it could be Aquamarine (April being Diamond wouldn't be bad either!), There is a full list of the months & their corresponding birth stones on the Anjolee website of you are interested! If this was a gift for your mum/nanna you could make it up with a mix of her children's/grandchildren's birthstones!

Or if its all too hard to decide you really cant go past these classic diamond bangle bracelets 
(you listening guys?)

Be warned - its addictive playing with the tools & creating your own pieces!
They also do a full range of rings, earrings & necklaces......could be dangerous!

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