Thursday, April 26, 2012

A few great kids rooms

This ones for my brother & sister in law!
 Their first baby is due in september, but we don't know if its a boy or a girl!
How's this for a different spin on a girls room - or a room for the future baby who's gender is a surprise! I think this room would work for either - i know its not that masculine, but mum would certainly enjoy spending time in here!

I dont know where these came from but they are SO gorgeous!
You wouldnt think of blue for a girly room but this is so feminine i think!
And now one for the girl who does love pink!

Stella & Henry
Very sophisticated i think!

Via Blue Hyrangea

so easy - juyst paint an old dresser pink!

Both via La Boom

I love this idea for the inside of a kids room door!
Via Lonny

Am dying over the wall treatment in this room by Martensen Jones
The colours in this room are just divine - so serene & whimsical.


  1. Yayayayyaa thank you so much for posting this!!!
    I have been looking for images exactly like these, a pinterest search is long overdue.


    1. and more puzzle pieces fall into place ;) x

  2. These rooms are all so lovely! I especially like the top room (blue can indeed be very feminine and pretty!), as well as the pink and green room, and the floral doorway.

  3. how do you make the blue flowers from the top bedroom i'm rediecorating my daughters room for her birthday and she'd love that sort of thing?



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