Friday, August 19, 2011

The Block

So - who do you think will win the block this year? I have to say i havent been that impressed with it overall but the finished results are pretty impressive!

Katrina & Amy
My Favorite room of theirs was the dining area & living I though the kitchen was too small for what they could have done with the space though

Rod & Tania - the front looks amazing & their back deck & spa was also pretty great!

I thin k Josh & Jenna might take it out actually - couldnt stand their fighting but i loved their final result - the exteroir is so cute & they have a fantastic kitchen!

Poll & Waz were slow starters to say the least - their first room was TERRIBLE! But i think they did a good job in the end! And they were such a funny couple to watch aswell! My favorute room of theirs was the master bedroom (ima bit of a bandit for good joinery!) and the curtains are really nice & luxurious too!

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  1. I have to say Josh n Jenna purely because from front to back they are unique yet cater to what any family wants....neutral decor to play around with and am open kitchen with big back garden....oh and a walk in....come on!,

    I do like the girls buy agree on kitchen and this front poles would need to be painted... R n T I am a no way as shag carpet and tiled floor are just not for me and Polly n Waz blew it on their no dining table ( or not a real one that works for the area)...

    We will see....



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