Monday, February 21, 2011

The search for the perfect wedding venue! help!

Get engaged, chill out for a while then have a nice relaxed time planning it all!....that was the plan.....untill we called one or two places we liked the look of & found out they were already booked WELL into 2012! What the?! So it turns out you have to book well over a year! Its already got me a bit frazzled! And i really dont want to be one of these frazzled bridezilla types!

We are after an out of sydney venue, but not TOO far away (say no more than 3hrs away) and have been looking on the south coast & a few in the hunter.... something country, with a relaxed vibe where we can get married under an awesome huge tree & then spend time with champagne in hand, on the grass in the great outdoors & walk over to the reception in a restaurant or a marquee (which i quite love the idea of!). We dont have an enourmous budget either.....
So id love to hear some suggestions from you all! Have you been to a nsw country wedding that was in a great spot?? Fill me in!!! Here are some pictures to get the vibe of what we love!
 Cant wait to hear what you all have up your sleeves! I cant tell you how much ill appreciate the suggestions/advice!


  1. This post by Belinda of The Happy Home immediately sprang to mind - it was her sister's wedding held in the Hunter Valley...
    It reminds me of the vibe you're going for in the inspiration pics above.

  2. Have you thought of Jonah's at Palm Beach?

  3. A friend of mine got married at The Silos at Berry her photos were gorgeous and they had beautiful pics on the old bridge at Kangaroo Valley. Peppers at Cragieburn in Bowral is also beautiful. Ooooo... decisions!

  4. So many beautiful places on the Sth Coast NSW. We got married at Ravensthorpe:
    Other suggestions:
    Woodbyne, Jaspers Brush (this was my dream venue but they couldn't house our no. of guests!)
    Crooked River Winery, Gerringong
    The Verandahs, Terrara House Estate, Nowra

  5. Hi Girls!
    Yes Kate, Terrara was first on our list but its pretty up there price wise! Going to check it out on saturday along with Silos too Janette & another little gem i have found that im going to keep a secret for now! Woodbyne is also too small for us....thanks for the suggestions so far on the right track! Keep them coming! xx

  6. Love all your images Sal! Have you seen Samantha's wedding from Black Velvet Chair? She had an outdoor wedding in the Hunter Valley, not quite sure where though xx

  7. what about up near Forster. at The green catheral..Pacific palms. out door church or near water there and then there is near green catheral a reception venue on the lake. its lovely there

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