Thursday, February 3, 2011


So something  kind of exciting is happening at my apartment today! 
Im not really able to tell yet, but its involves me cleaning like a maniac & rearranging everything 100 times in the past few days! AND its my birthday tomorrow so i bought myself a little pressie!

We are off down the south coast tonight for my birthday for the weekend - will involve lots of swimming, bike riding, champagne & cheese (i hope!) and then my parents & Bens parents are coming down on saturday & we are all heading to Rick Steins restaurant Bannisters for dinner! Woohoo!


  1. Happy Birthday and have a wonderful weekend, can't wait to hear about your surprise! ;-)

  2. Happiest of Happy Birthdays! Your pressie is lovely... hope you get many more. Enjoy the weekend! xoxo

  3. SO EXCITING!!!!! Need all the deets asap :) And have a great birthday tomorrow, looks like this is going to be a fabulous year for you! K xx

  4. Sounds all VERY exciting Sal.
    Happiest birthday wishes to you.
    Have a fab weekend - and can't wait to hear all about what is going on in the apartment (-:

  5. I bet I know what's happening! So exciting! Perfect birthday pressie :)

  6. You know that towel has my approval :P Cannot wait for the big reveal... what an exciting few days you have had!!! :) xo



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