Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I wanted to share our big news with all my lovely blog friends!
On friday (my birthday) while we were out mountain biking & swimming in a lake (very us!) down the south coast my gorgeous boyfriend of 7 years Ben asked me to marry him! We are over the moon with happiness & very excited! Thought id share with you a bit of how our amazing weekend went....

Woke up to find some friends out the front of our cabin!

Birthday breakfast looking over the lagoon

Then a mountain bike ride into town for a coffee at the bakery

And then decided to ride home around a beautiful seculded lake! It was so hot & it was crystal clear so we decided to go for a dip!

Although we didnt have swimmers so it was in our undies hehe

And on the little white sand beach Ben managed to trick me into attemping to look across the lake for something that wasnt actually there...i turned around & there he was on one knee pulling a box out of his pocket! :) ENGAGED!!!

Then we spent some time sitting in the sand soaking it all up! ...not very glam in my undies & 'not so hot' bra but very 'us' out there in the wilderness! hehe

Ben was very happy with himself! And a bit relieved too!

Thumbs up!

Calling the family

Then back on the bikes to ride back to the cabin...and trying not to crash whilst admiring my new sparkler!

Spending the avo celebrating with a bottle of french bubbles!

My divine ring! VERY spoilt ;)

Prawns & bubbles on the deck!

My parents arrive for birthday celebratiuons...i had kind of forgotten it was my birthday!

Bens parents arrive the next morning with more bubbles!

Ben & his gorgeous (& very happy) mum!

Our dads confer on the lawn!

Mums cooking up a lunch feast!
While we went for a kayak down the lagoon & swung off rope swings into the water! very fun!

Then to celebrate (a bit more) at Rick Steins restaurant, Bannisters for dinner at Mollymook! This place was amazing so ill give it its own post later in the week!

A few cocktails by the pool first!

When we arrived bens aunty & unlce had phoned & organised a bottle of bubbles for us when we got there - how lovely is that!

Oh & my dad caught two very large fish ff the beach over the weekend - couldnt leave that out! Very happy & excited! Prepare for a deluge of wedding related posts in the next year or so ;)


  1. Super excited for you Sal!!! Love to see how happy you both are, and that ring.....absolutely gorgeous! K xx

  2. Ek!!!! Congratulations Sal! SOOO excited for you and what an eventful and fun birthday/engagement weekend that you will never forget! I'm looking forward to seeing all the wedding posts and Woo Wooo, beautiful ring!

  3. Congrats Sal!!! I knew you would come home with something sparkly! Gorgeous ring and it sounds like the perfect weekend xx

  4. If that wasn't the perfect weekend, I don't know what is! Fantabulous ring...

  5. looked to me like the height of happiness!

  6. Oh What fantastic New! Congratulations to you both!! YAY!!
    The ring is just amazing....as was your whole birthday weekend by the sounds of it...going to be a hard one for Ben to top next year ; ) All the best to you both x

  7. I just love that you were in your undies when he proposed! what a great story sal...

    what a lovely weekend for you filled with bubbles, sparklers and lots of love!

    how great is Bannisters too, we went last year for k's birthday with his family and we sat at that actual table out on the deck too! how funny!


  8. Congratualtions to you both! What a wonderful week end .............you ae about to enter a very exciting time in your lives so enjoy!!!! Love your ring too! KGXX

  9. LOVE IT ALL :) and loving this post... I think that's the most personal pics you've shared in the whole time you've been blogging! And might I add you both look so ridiculously happy :) Congrats again my dear! x

  10. Oh Sal .. that little story and those piccies made me get a bit teary. What a wonderful way to get engaged. LOVE the ring. No, really. LOVE it. You both look perfectly happy and I wish you both the very bestest life ever. Bring on the wedding posts I say (-:

  11. Congratulations Sal! How exciting and what a wonderful weekend! You both look so happy and gorgeous. I'm looking forward to all of the wedding posts! xx

  12. Congrats Sal! You must be one happy girl! Very spoilt ;) All the best to you and Ben X

  13. Wow, how exciting - Congratulations to you both. Look at that rock on your finger - very glamorous. Happy days! ;-)

  14. SOOO Happy for you, It's a beautiful ring, wear it well and enjoy your time as an engaged couple!!!

    Northern Light

  15. That was such a fun post!
    Congrats again, Lovely Sal!!!!!!!!!

    PS The Dads "conferring on the lawn" pic made me laugh out loud....

  16. Congratulations to the both of you! Wonderful news, so very exciting times to come. x

  17. Ah, so exciting and romantic. So excited for yall. Congrats 100 times!
    I love that your parents and his were included and you got to share that time with them after you were engaged. I am not engaged but that is exactly how I would want it to happen....doing what you love to do together and then having your family there to be a part of the celebration.
    Best of luck. I hope you will start having a few wedding planning posts :)

  18. I hope you and your future husband are happy together forever.



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