Friday, August 2, 2013

3 weeks till Kilimanjaro!

You might remember back in February where i told you about my selection to be the Australian member of an all Type 1 Diabetic team to climb mount Kilimanjaro? Well, time has crept up & in just under 3 weeks ill be flying out for Africa! 

There are 11 of us with type 1 from all over the world making up the tam & we will be accompanied by 2 doctors & a film crew from france who are making a documentary about us. the idea is to promote the fact that even with Diabetes or indeed any other chronic illness you can still get out there & have a go. Don't let it hold you back - yes, chronic illness makes life a little more difficult but don't let it stop you from achieving the things you want to try!

The last few weeks have been a flurry of doctors appointments, vaccinations & checking over gear lists to make sure i have everything i need {and recalling how hard everest base camp was & slightly questioning my sanity to go up at this altitude again!} I have been doing long walks & lots of stairs & hills, although i still feel like i could be fitter, i had this flu everyone in sydney seems to have got this winter for an eternity, which put me behind a little bit with my training. Anyway! I have to say i am both excited & a little bit nervous at the same time. 
I will be stopping in dubai for 2 days on the way there & doing a 3 day safari before the trek! Ive never been to either Dubai or Africa (Tanzania) so i cant wait :) 

Its a tough climb and not everyone makes the summit, add to that the fact that we all have diabetes to deal with & its going to be hard! 
Im going to give it my all & if i make the summit it will be a bonus. When i get back ill be sure to share some of my photos with you all 
Happy Friday xx

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