Monday, May 27, 2013

Walk In Robe {my work}

This client & i made the bold choice to turn a whole bedroom into what can only be described as an 'epic' walk in wardrobe! 
I popped by on the weekend to take a few shots before she spent her saturday night filling it full of clothes {with a huge grin on her face!}
Theres lots of half hanging, full hanging, drawers, shoe shelves, pigeon holes for handbags & a dressing table area.
I would say its a pretty darn good result! Wardrobe envy anyone?
You can see more of my work here 


  1. Amazing work - just love it and very jealous! ;-)

  2. Sally, this is amazing! She is one lucky lady indeed.

  3. A dream closet!!! A space for everything and for shoes!!!!!!
    Yes I'm definitely jealous ;)

  4. I absolutely love this!
    Great job as always Sally!

    K xx

    The Past and Pending
    Royal Fuchsia Kohl

  5. You did an amazing job Sally! It is gorgeous, the floors included. What a great space to have.
    I see a curtain rod, I hope she puts a patterned roman blind in instead. Just my 2 cents.



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