Friday, May 31, 2013

Hair {blonde no more!}

Most of you will know I'm a die hard blonde....well, was a die hard blonde until last week! 
If you follow me on instagram you'll know i had a bit of a change last week to this.....

I felt like i could have gone a bit further - hey if I'm going dark may as well do it properly! 
So tomorrow I'm off to the hairdresser {who i think is probably in shock after ive had the same blonde in my hair for about 12 years!} 
to go a bit more like this! {of course looking like Rachel Bilson or jessica Alba would also help!}
Fingers crossed! I don't know whats gotten into me as ive always loved the blonde? 
The husband informs me last night that 'gentlemen don't always prefer blondes' & that i should go for it. 
If ive got his tick of approval I'm willing to give it a whirl!

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