Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gold flatware {West Elm}

So i ordered myself 8 sets of gold cutlery from West Elm last week {i know!!!!! I'm kinda freaking out with excitement!}. 
I just had a look through my pinterest 'Tablescape' board & realised it was always going to happen! 
Helloooo, look at all this gold shiny goodness! 
Right, so now i have to organise a dinner party....who's coming?


  1. Oh Sally, MAJOR cutlery envy!! Just the other day, I saw that West Elm has released a cutlery set in the colour du jour, Rose Gold. I DIE. Seriously can't wait until they land on our shores in May!

  2. ME i'll come to dinner! What shall i bring :D!! I could imagine how excited you are he he!!

  3. I absolutely love it - gorgeous in very setting!!

  4. Gold cutlery is on my wish list too. I"m trying to track down a set in a bamboo style.

  5. Absolutely divine! Do West Elm take long to ship to Australia? Cannot wait until they open up in Bondi!



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