Tuesday, February 19, 2013

KikiK 'My Receipts' folder!

Ok, so i know this is a bit of a nerdy one (& excuse the bad i phone photos!), but I'm one of those uber organised types.
I bought this 2 years ago & have to say its been one of the best ways to organise all my receipts & expenses! 

Its divided into months

And each month has an envelope for you to store your receipts & a space to write the details for each receipt on the front. 
I tend to put them in once a month or so, it makes it so much easier to reconcile at the end of the year.
AND you don't end up with mountains of receipts all over the place each July! 

1 comment:

  1. I LOVE all things Kikki-K and all things organised-related! This is yet another of their fabulous folders that I think I may have to purchase to add to my growing collection. I am using the "My Wedding" folder at the moment, in prep for my upcoming Nov wedding, and it is seriously my Bible! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one too!
    Cheers, Jess



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