Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cool Edies & the Style Lab @ Life Instyle

Im really looking forward to checking out the Style Lab at this years Life Instyle event!

I didn't make it last year, as it was the week before my wedding & things were a bit hectic.
Plus, i had a bad feeling i would see all kinds of cool things i wanted to use at the wedding & my DIY needed to be reined in!

If the image below isn't enough to get your heart racing (hello, i am so obsessed with those lights from Fromage la Rue!), heres a bit more about what you can expect. 'Cool Edies' are styling duo Jane Frosh & Lucy Weight. In 2012 Cool Edies was formed as a one stop styling shop for interiors, food, lifestyle, events & fashion. The Style lab will be a dynamic series of scenes, designed & created each morning by Cool Eddies using exhibitor products; a bit like a look into their studio & the styling of photo shoot.

Life Instyle - 21st-24th February at the Royal Hall of Industries & Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park.


  1. For sure it will be so fun,
    I'm with you on the lights
    and those flowers scattered in there stylishly.

  2. Oh yes I just love this image below. Wish this event was happening in NZ. have fun. x



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