Friday, May 4, 2012


Ive been a bit slow on the honeymoon planning, maybe after all the wedding organisation I've decide to be un organised for once! We have however booked our flights & a whole 7 nights in Paris! We are staying here! Looks charming & in a great spot! We fly in on the 19th July & 2 days later have the first highlight of our trip - as a wedding present, i bought ben VIP grandstand tickets for the final day of the Tour De France! Sooooo excited about this - a day of champagne, french food & amazing seats on the Champs Elysees! Eeeeekkk! Have a great weekend everyone - and if there is anywhere in france you have been that i should add to my list let me know! x


  1. Sounds amazing Sal, so nice to wait a bit for the honeymoon and stretch all the wedding bliss out for as long as possible! Is that pic a print you can buy? Know someone who would love it xx

  2. OMG - so envious of your right now!!! :) Paris is such a magical city but to be there at the end of the Tour de France will be such a great experience!!

  3. Restaurants



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