Saturday, October 22, 2011

(one of) my best freinds wedding!

Quite excited as its one of my best friends weddings tomorrow, we met on our first day of university over 10 years ago- im maid of honour so just a little bit excited! Hair is cut & coloured, we went & got a full body scrub & a bit of a spray tan yesterday (still a bit pasty - summer has only just arrived here in Sydney!) and we are ready to go! She is marrying a great guy who is greek so the wedding will be in a greek church which will be amazing and something i have never experianced before (looking forward to a bit of greek dancing too!) & then the reception is at the Wharf Restaurant on the harbour! Its such a divine weekend i think its going to be an amazing day! The wharf has a real rustic elegance about it. It was quite hard to find any images of it on the web so ill be sure to share some next week!

This was another wedding that was featured on Real Weddings - worth a look - its gorgeous!

The view - not bad eh!

The simple rustic elegance of the interior.

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  1. Hi Sal! I've just discovered your beautiful blog - so much inspiration. Following you!



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