Friday, May 1, 2015

200 Years of Royal Doulton Dinner

On Wednesday night i attended an amazing dinner to celebrate 200years of Royal Doulton. 
They were celebrating both their history & some new 2015 collaborations. 
As you can imagine the set up was to die for - 4 long tables of 50, each themed to one of their collections. 
Street Art, Hemmingway, Barber & Osgerby & 1815-2015
I love the 1815 range & have a tonne of it at home (the tapas sets are amazing!)
The street art limited edition bunnies by Pure Evil are also super cool.

I really enjoyed learning more about the history of the company too. 
Did you know Royal Douton used to make the ceramic sewer pipes in london?
In fact this beautiful new vase by Barber & Osgerby is modelled on one would you believe!

Thanks for having me Royal Doulton - Spectacular night!


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