Thursday, January 29, 2015

Birthday Wish List

Its my birthday next week - Usually i can't think of anything i'd like as a gift.
But this year I've seen a few things im lusting after of late!
So, just incase anyone (ben, mum, anyone else who is feeling the love) is reading;
Here is a little wish list hehe :)

Honestly though - my dream 'birthday day' requires no gifts;
 A swim at the beach, a good coffee, an outing with the husband & dog + a tasty meal :)

but you know….just incase anyone needs to know….

A bottle of my favourite perfume that I'm almost out of…

This delicious nude leather 'The Good's clutch from Table Tonic

(i already have the black ones & they are the best!)
And for January they are $25 off with the code 25K

Moving away from fashion…
This is a bit of a long shot & i would be seriously spoilt if this came along…
A Vitamix - we love making smoothies & juices & i love that this bends all the pulp too
(ie all the good stuff + vitamins!)

And another (albeit a lot cheaper!) gadget
Not that i ever stick to recipes - but good to have them as a rough guide ;)

We are surrounded by some gorgeous outdoors spaces where we live & 
i always think it would be lovely to go & have picnic lunches/dinners :) 

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