Sunday, June 15, 2014


We spent 2 nights in Venice, at a simple little B & B with a great view onto the canal.
I know everyoine seems to love Venice, so im going to be contraversial here - it wasnt my favourite place. 
It is beautiful, charming & there is ceratinly no where else like it on earth, but the thousands of tourists ruined it for me, ironic, becuase i know i was one of them. I have never been anywhere with SO many tourists! 
The streets were full restaurants with 'toutrist menu's' and I was a bit shocked to see even the Rialto bridge had been built over with cheap souvenier shops! We saw the main sights & then got lost in the back alleys away from the crowds.  

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  1. I felt the same way!! I went to Venice as a 14 year old with my mum and sister, I remember it being very touristy and at times 'inauthentic'. Grateful that I've had the chance to see the sinking city, and sit through an overly expensive gondola ride, but wouldn't hurry back ;-)
    Daisy xo



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